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In order to accurately assess the technical condition of the power unit without disassembling it, it is necessary to measure the compression of the piston group. When this parameter is removed, the compression pressure inside the operating cylinders is determined.


If the engine cannot be started, one of the reasons may be the failure of the parts of the piston group. In this case, it will be necessary to measure compression provided that the power unit has an ambient temperature.
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Ford Ranger
Front left fender blow

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operation with low compression is not financially justified due to the above mentioned problems. Compression is reduced for the following reasons:

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The main rule when measuring is to warm up the power unit to temperatures of 70-80 degrees. It usually runs until the first start of the cooling fan, then is silenced.
Engine compression check cannot be performed with twisted spark plugs, and therefore they are all twisted. Instead of a candle, a compressor is screwed into the test cylinder.
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