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DPF Cleaning in Perth

As an Authorised Agent for DPF Guru – Australia’s leading DPF specialists, NDS can now provide DPF cleaning in addition to our diagnostics & DPF repair services.

The DPF Guru 3 step cleaning process includes preliminary diagnostics to determine functionality and condition of DPF components & sensors, on car cleaning proven to be a fast & effective alternative to traditional methods and post cleaning analysis to ensure an effective clean and vehicle reliability.

In the rare case that a DPF cannot be cleaned and requires replacement we can supply new genuine and aftermarket DPF Filters at a fraction of dealership costs.


  1. Nicole says:

    The dpd light is always on the dash board n also the asr ,how can i solve the problem?

    • NationwideDiesel says:

      Hi Nicole, if your local please phone me on 08 9206 4588 for assistance, otherwise if you’re abroad you can contact me on whatsapp +61429429562

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