Isuzu DPD / DPF Problems

Isuzu DPD Problems experienced universally by Isuzu Truck owners.

Isuzu DPD Problems? If you’ve found this article chances are you’ve been having issues with the DPF on your Isuzu truck. You’ve probably been forced to pull your truck over for a manual regeneration and possibly even experienced a severe derate rendering your truck useless and forcing a trip to the dealer.

The Isuzu DPD (Diesel Particulate Diffuser) also referred to as a DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter) was first introduced to the Isuzu truck range in 2007 in order to meet Euro IV emissions standards. From 2011 to 2016 the system was retained with slight ‘improvements’ to meet the stricter Euro V standard. Trucks built 2016 onward are running the current Euro VI some of the Euro VI range have done away with DPD and adopted a DOC system. Unfortunately the reliability of the DPD and EGR has proved to be a real downfall to what is otherwise a brilliant truck.

Nationwide Diesel Services assist our clients with accurate diagnostics & repairs to their DPD systems and can educate owners & drivers how to best manage these systems for maximum reliability. In the case of a blocked filter we can also perform industrial DPF Cleaning.

There are several possible causes that usually start out with the DPF regenerating more frequently than normal. The truck may be blowing excessive smoke during regeneration, and the auto regens no longer complete forcing you to perform a manual regeneration. If your trucks experiencing these symptoms book your diagnosis today.

We also offer a permanent solution to Isuzu DPD problems for offroad vehicles such as those utilised in mining and exploration applications. Our DPF & EGR Delete solution provides clients with the improved reliability they seek along with the welcome addition of increased power, smoother driveability and better fuel economy. This solution is available for the entire Isuzu truck range. For bookings contact us today on 08 9206 4588.

Isuzu DPD DPF Problems